Welcome to our church!

AOG Cairnbulg (Cairnbulg Assembly of God) is a warm, welcoming church situated on the North-East coast of Scotland in the combined villages of Cairnbulg and Inverallochy.  We are a Pentecostal and Gospel-centred church in our faith and practice. Our desire is to be a Spirit-filled, family and community church that is relevant for everyone, regardless of whether they might be 2 or 92. Our vision is to offer people of all ages the opportunity to do life and mission together; and that mission is simply TO MAKE DISCIPLES. Our motto 'The Church at the Heart of our Community!'  sums up our desire to be a beacon of light, to love  and to share God’s love and message of hope with our community.

The church came into existence over 70 years ago when revival came to the village, Alan Benson was the pioneering Pastor.  Since then, men and women from the church have worked tirelessly and given sacrificially, faithfully serving God and the community.


We are passionate about the message of Jesus and the difference He can make in our personal lives and in our community.  Here at AoG Cairnbulg, there are many different activities for all different age groups, so if you are looking for a church where you would be assured of a warm welcome, please come along. We would love to see you!


May God bless you!