3:15pm on a Thursday afternoon during term time is Epic!

Our team collect kids from the gates of our local school then escort them up the street to our building where we give them a snack & a drink before running our programme.

Epic is a children's club, suitable for Primary aged children who love having fun and meeting other children. As you enter, you will hear lively music and receive a really warm welcome! Epic is an opportunity for children to enjoy themselves with friends and to learn about God in an interesting, fun and interactive way. There are always lots of prizes to be won, games to be played, songs to be sung and stories to be heard.

At Christmas, the children from Epic work hard to produce a Nativity Play which they present at our annual Carol Service. There are also events throughout the year, such as an opportunity to go away to iKids Camp.

If your child is of Primary age, loves having fun and is free on a Thursday afternoon, then feel free to send them along to Epic. It would be great to see them!